Undergraduate Degrees in Structural and Fire Safety Engineering

Graduates from this degree programme will be in a unique position to tackle the challenging problems associated with designing fire safety into modern buildings, both commercial and industrial. Such skills are urgently required.

Degree Courses in Fire Engineering include

  • Fire Safety Engineering 3 (3rd year)
  • Fire Science & Fire Dynamics 4 (4th year)
  • Fire Safety Engineering 4 (4th year)
  • Fire Science Laboratory 5 (4th year)
  • Fire Safety Engineering Design Project 5 (5th year)
  • Structural Design for Fire 5 (5th year)
  • Models for Fire Safety 5 (5th year)
  • Fire Investigation and Failure Analysis 5 (5th year)
  • Fire Safety, Engineering & Society 5 (5th year)

Read more about MEng and BEng in Structural and Fire Safety Engineering on the University of Edinburgh website.

Undergraduate student working in the fire lab
Experiments in a MEng thesis project
Image of fire and flames
Fire and smoke