The University of Edinburgh has been an important institution in the field of Fire Safety Engineering for over four decades.

Many of those who are now leaders in the field came to Edinburgh to study and research under the supervision of the late Prof David Rasbash, one of the main pioneers of the discipline, and Prof Dougal Drysdale, author of the definitive text book on the subject, 'Introduction to Fire Dynamics' (Wiley, 3rd edition 2011).

In more recent years the group has been led by Prof Jose Torero and Prof Albert Simeoni, who held the BRE Chair in Fire Safety Engineering from 2004-12 and 2013-15, respectively.

Teaching and research in fire safety continues at Edinburgh under the leadership of Prof Luke Bisby, the Chair of Fire and Structures, and Prof Grunde Jomaasthe BRE Chair of Fire Safety Engineering.

The Centre for Fire Safety Engineering is part of the Institute for Infrastructure and Environment, School of Engineering at The University of Edinburgh.

Prof Rasbash
Prof David Rasbash
Prof Drysdale
Prof Dougal Drysdale
Prof Torero
Prof Jose Torero